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Current Advisories & Outbreaks

Current Advisories & Outbreaks

Current Advisories & Outbreaks provides critical information on the latest health alerts, including infectious disease outbreaks and food safety recalls within the community. We strive to keep you informed with timely and accurate details so you can take appropriate precautions to protect your health and the health of those around you. This section includes guidance on how to respond to these issues, ways to prevent illness, and resources for further assistance, ensuring that you have access to essential information that could impact your safety and well-being.

Food Safety Recalls

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Reporting Requirements

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department is responsible for the prevention and control of infectious and communicable diseases in our 6 county area. 

Healthcare Provider

Lincoln Trail District Health Department provides Healthcare Providers Resources for download with instructions on completion of each form.


Stay informed about current outbreaks and health advisories with timely updates and guidance from our health department to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Table of Reportable Diseases

Explore our comprehensive table of reportable diseases, which lists all the conditions that must be reported to public health authorities to aid in effective monitoring and prevention efforts.



Find the latest updates, resources, and guidance on COVID-19, including prevention tips, testing locations, and vaccination information to help keep you and your community safe.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness (1)

Lincoln Trail District Health Department works with local and state emergency response partners to ensure citizens are protected during an outbreak or bioterrorism attack. 

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