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Health Impacts

At Lincoln Trail District Health Department, our mission is to assure the public’s health and safety through prevention, promotion, and protection. To better serve our communities, we must have a better understanding of the issues they face.

Assessment & Planning


In collaboration with mySidewalk, we have customized a Community Health Assessment (CHA) dashboard—an interactive site that presents the data we need to serve our residents. This platform can help take the conversation beyond just sharing outcomes to the story of why health matters.

This CHA dashboard allows the public to stay informed about health and wellness in their communities. All data is available for public download. The dashboard contains more than 60
insights into the social, economic, and environmental factors of our residents, allowing us to discover how to best meet the needs of our constituents. The CHA will help drive the creation of goals and strategies for our local communities.

This research project was designed to assess six social determinants of health (SDOH) in our 6 county region. Social determinants of health have a major impact on people’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

Addressing community needs and strengths, with a particular focus on elevating health equity, was the leading objective in this phase of the assessment process. This research project was conducting in partnership with the McNary Group, LLC.

The CHA will be continually developing each year, so check in regularly for updates. If you have questions or comments about the dashboard, please contact us at


The Lincoln Trail District Health Department Organizational Plan for 2022-2026.  The planning process systematically considered many diverse sources of input, examining who we are as an organization, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. With this plan, we have established a vision and a commitment to excellence across all priority areas. Organizational Planning meetings will begin in the Spring, with updates to be sent out to staff biannually.

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