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Food Service

Food Scores

The Health Department regularly inspects all Lincoln Trail District food service establishments, including grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Inspections are typically done twice per year.

Food Scores Map

See the map below for the latest restaurant food inspection scores for a specific county within the district. Note — within the map, you may find a specific establishment using the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner.  To see more information about the establishment inspection, click the P (Pass) or F (Fail).  In the pop-up box with the establishment information you can also click the bottom right-hand corner (three dots) in order to get directions to the establishment.

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During inspections, inspectors look for 58 potential items of violation, including:

Is food being stored properly?
Do workers handle food safely?
Do workers practice good hygiene, like washing hands?
Is food kept at safe temperatures?
Is equipment in good working order?
Is the establishment free of any pests, such as insects or rodents?


If the total inspection score is below 85 points or if the inspector observes any critical violations, a follow-up inspection is required. These inspections can be done the same day or within 30 days.

If the total inspection score is below 70, a conference with the Kentucky Department for Public Health may be necessary. The establishment may also be required to close if there is an imminent health threat or they receive a score that is below 60.

Quick Links

Reporting a Food Safety Complaint for: 

  • Food related Illness (something you ate is making you or someone you know feel sick)
  • Food or Food Product issues (a food product presents a safety risk)
  • Other issues (a food establishment is not properly handling or preparing foods)

If you think something you ate is making you or someone you know feel sick, contact your doctor and then fill out this form as completely as possible. One form should be completed per person who is ill.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health will evaluate your complaint and request follow-up by your Local Health Department, if necessary.

Food Managers Training

Lincoln Trail District Health Department and the 2013 FDA Food Code require all food service establishments that prepare, cook, and serve food to have a certified food protection manager/Person In Charge, who is able to direct and control food preparation and service.  At least one certified person in charge must be present at all hours during operation.  The Lincoln Trail District Health Department offers both in person and on-line person in charge (PIC) classes.  Other accredited Food manager certifications accepted upon approval. Click below to explore your options.

  1. Select “Register” in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Enter your information and receive a confirmation email
  3. Confirm your email address by clicking in the email
  4. Select “Get New License”
  5. Select “Food Manager Certification” $80
  6. Take the course and test then print your certificate and also receive an electronic certificate!
  7. For login issues or technical support please contact Statecert directly at

*Each individual shall register with their own name, information, email, and password.
This program is most compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Services & Programs

Look Through Our Most Popular Services Below To See How We Can Help You.

On-Site Sewage

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department Environmental office provides inspections for septic systems in Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, and Washington Counties.

Public Swimming Pools & Beaches

All public swimming and bathing facilities are routinely inspected for water quality, safety, proper function, overall cleanliness and other items that may affect public health.

Tattoos & Piercing

Local health departments register and inspect tattoo, body piercing and ear piercing studios. All providers must be registered with their local health department and working in a permitted studio. 

Rabies (Animal Bites)

All non-domesticated or “wild animals” must immediately be sacrificed and tested in the State Rabies Laboratory. Domesticated farm animals are evaluated on a case by case basis.


We inspect all private and parochial schools serving kindergarten through 12th grade twice each year to ensure compliance with Kentucky school sanitation regulation.

Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels are inspected annually. Areas of the inspection include safety, cleanliness, lighting, supplies, bedding, ice machines and laundry areas.

Mobile Home & RV Parks

Mobile home parks and recreational vehicle parks are inspected annually to ensure facilities are maintained, sanitary and safe. Follow-up inspections are conducted as needed.

Youth Camps

Local health departments inspect both residential and day camp facilities to ensure compliance with state regulation.

Private Water Testing

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department provides water testing for private water supplies, wells, or cisterns. The cost associated with sampling is $50.

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