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Permit Renewals

Food Service EstablishmentsJanuary – December
Statewide Mobile Food UnitJanuary – December
Retail Food Store PermitJanuary – December
Hotels & MotelsJanuary – February
Mobile Home/RV ParkJuly – June
Tanning BedsJanuary – December
Swimming Pools & BeachesMay – April
Youth CampsJanuary – December
Tattoo EstablishmentsJanuary – December
Body Piercing EstablishmentsJanuary – December
Ear Piercing EstablishmentsJanuary – December
Septic Tank Companies & VehiclesMarch – February
Septic Disposal SitesMarch – February
Site Evaluations3 year expiration from date of purchase

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On-Site Sewage

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department Environmental office provides inspections for septic systems in Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, and Washington Counties.

Public Swimming Pools & Beaches

All public swimming and bathing facilities are routinely inspected for water quality, safety, proper function, overall cleanliness and other items that may affect public health.

Tattoos & Piercing

Local health departments register and inspect tattoo, body piercing and ear piercing studios. All providers must be registered with their local health department and working in a permitted studio. 

Rabies (Animal Bites)

All non-domesticated or “wild animals” must immediately be sacrificed and tested in the State Rabies Laboratory. Domesticated farm animals are evaluated on a case by case basis.


We inspect all private and parochial schools serving kindergarten through 12th grade twice each year to ensure compliance with Kentucky school sanitation regulation.

Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels are inspected annually. Areas of the inspection include safety, cleanliness, lighting, supplies, bedding, ice machines and laundry areas.

Mobile Home & RV Parks

Mobile home parks and recreational vehicle parks are inspected annually to ensure facilities are maintained, sanitary and safe. Follow-up inspections are conducted as needed.

Youth Camps

Local health departments inspect both residential and day camp facilities to ensure compliance with state regulation.

Private Water Testing

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department provides water testing for private water supplies, wells, or cisterns. The cost associated with sampling is $50.

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