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Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep is dedicated to preventing SIDS-related infant deaths by promoting the safest sleep practices. Follow the ABCD guidelines to ensure the safety of sleeping infants.

“A” is for Alone—encouraging parents to keep infants close in the room but in separate sleeping spaces;

“B” is for Back— emphasizes placing babies on their Backs for all sleep times, night and naps alike.

“C” is for Crib—highlights the importance of a Clean, Clear Crib, free of any items that could pose risks.

“D” is for Danger—reminds caregivers of the Danger associated with impaired care due to alcohol or drugs, stressing the importance of sober caregiving.

Creating a Safe Environment & Tips for Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep Tip about not letting your baby get too hot during sleep. Dress them in sleep clothing designed to keep them warm without loose blankets in the sleeping area.

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Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep educates parents on the best practices for infant sleep safety to prevent SIDS.

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